lotusdakini (lotusdakini) wrote in engagedbuddhism,

Tibet Communities

I am interested in learning about what the status of the free tibet movement is. Does anyone in this community belong to any local organizations in their city that meet often and provide a place for satisfactory contributions?
There are plenty of online resources to aid in the movement (like freetibet.org) and NGOs but I am wondering about grass roots - face to face stuff. Its dissapointing to see the lack of attention Tibet gets in the big media and in various governments. I was also dissapointed when I looked for any US Universities that might teach the Tibetan language. (of course I only looked online so my search was not very deep) But I only found one summer camp/intensive available at some Midwest university. Even Brigham Young University in Utah - which suprizingly has the most comprehensive language department in the country, teaches Nepalese but not Tibetan.

Does anyone know of universities (US or elsewhere?) that teach tibetan?
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