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Please take note

To anyone who buys cosmetics you should read this!

I found out that according to the Cancer Prevention Coalition that "Cosmetics are the least regulated products under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA). The FFDCA does not require pre-market safety testing, review, or approval for cosmetics."

That means that cosmetics companies do not need to inform their customers whether or not their products have any side effects (like causing cancer or birth defects!!!!)

The only place where cosmetic companies are held to some small standard is in California, where just recently a few campaigning young women were able to garner enough support to pass the "California Safe Cosmetics Act of 2005" which requires cosmetic companies to disclose to customers about ingredients that they know might cause cancer or birth defects. The problem is the FDA has reported that many of these companies do not have adequate testing of their products!

By cosmetics this means make-up as well as skin care products including deoderant, face cleaners and perfumes!

The Cancer Coalition suggests checking the ingredients before you buy any make-up or deoderant etc . . .
They say the more complicated ingredients (and the more ingredients there are) in the product the more likely that the product will cause adverse side effects like allergic reactions. Everyone should check this website because it has a lot of information including warnings about certain ingredients.

Stick to herbal cosmetics!!

Every state should have a cosmetics act!

Also of course is the battle against animal testing on cosmetics. A good website to check out is www.aavs.org. It has lists of companies that test on animals and those that don't. You'll be suprized about some of the big companies that do! (They also do not disclose whether or not they test on animals)

Hm . . It sounds like the old dillemma. How to ensure the safety of products w/o testing on animals?

Please be aware for your own safety! Don't just put anything on your face!
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