koanbred (koanbred) wrote in engagedbuddhism,

BP spills 3 million gallons of oil into the Gulf

So with 5,000 gallon of oil being released daily from the oil rig in the gulf, what's going to be done to curtail if not stop completely this oil leak. There have been 3 million gallons released into the Ocean already. In fact, calling it a leak is an under statement. It's a "rigged oil geyser".

The US government should hold BP entirely reponsible for this outrageous assault upon our environment. The problem with liquid hydrocarbons is that, they are entirely toxic to the environment. They have no actual environmental value above the surface of the earth.
How can we integrate these pollutants back into the enviroment in a non detrimental manner?

So what is wildlife to do now? What can be done to alleviate their suffering? What can be done to reduce our suffering?

BP should be closely monitored. We should withdraw all forms of financial support from BP if after 3 weeks, they have demonstrated a laxed attitude about this enormous assault against nature.

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