koanbred (koanbred) wrote in engagedbuddhism,

Millions of Gallons of Oil, Still Spilling into the Gulf!

This is all a matter of the chickens coming home to roost. Karma is finally biting us in the proverbial ASS for our lavishly spoiled lifestyle that has generated this insatiable thirst for oil. We drive SUV's. We fly all over the world, just for pleasure and adventure. If we don't fly, we take a train or drive. Hell! Some of us have had the pleasure of either sailing through or navigating around this apocalyptic marine mess. In the end, neither the EPA or any other governmental group will be able to do that which needs to be done to correct this mess. BP will bribe those who could have greater influence on the matter, but won't because they've already been bribed. This might include the EPA. President Obama will give us lip service, but in the end, it is really just a catastrophe that nobody can adequately resolve. Humpty Dumpty has fallen off of the wall, in the Gulf of Mexico!

We've got to use hydrocarbon alternatives: Electric, Solar, and Fuel

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