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The BP Oil Pump, Pumps Eternal into the Gulf...

The BP Corporation is still irresponsibly allowing oil to be released into the Pacific Ocean. The oil slick now covers an area of over 10,000 square kilometers. BP continues to use toxic oil dispersants to displace the oil. The blackened oil has already reached the shores of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Dead turtles have already begun to wash upon the shores of Texas.

Fisherman who were already trying to overcome the financial devastation of Katrina, are now faced with an even larger fiasco with the BP oil accident in the Gulf. It has been estimated that 40% of the American fishing industry will be directly affected by this environmental apocalypse.

Most shellfish will be affected in the general region of the oil spillage. This is especially applicable to oysters and clams, since they are more sedentary than shrimp and lobsters. The American consumer of fish can expect to pay a high premium for fish this summer and seafood prices could take years to stabilize after this marine catastrophe due to the fact that it is still an ongoing, seemingly, uncontrollable, environmental disaster.

Meanwhile, President Obama has commissioned former EPA administrator, William Reilly to head the commission. I really don't know what this commission is supposed to do that will somehow resolve this disaster.
The commission can't clean up the oil slick. The commission can't adquately clean up the shores. It can't alleviate the environmental pressure placed upon marine life in the affected region. It can't determine the affect of the BP oil dispersants being hoisted upon marine life by BP, even at this very moment.

The commission can only act as homicide detectives. Once they've established a motive (which we all know to be greed), they can then determine the means ( which we all know to be callous apathy and greed), and finally they have to establish that the culprit had the opportunity. Well, I think that we all know that BP had many opportunities to utilize the proper equipment and to install it properly, but didn't do it. Now, due to their reluctance to spend more money and invest more time into the required component applications, they proved to be inept and are now responsible for one of the most horrendous environmental disasters of all time.

This unfortunately will become one of President Obama's largest of failures. He will be blamed because it has happened under his auspices and hegallantly went out on the limb with his undying support of off-shore drilling for oil.

Actually, it doesn't really matter where the blame goes. We're all the victims!



Boycott BP!
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